EnterprisingYou Webinar - Everything you should know about start a business

Everything you should know about starting a business

Choosing the proper business structure - knowing what’s right for you and your business

Deciding the proper business structure can be challenging to start a business - whether to be a sole trader, partnership, limited company or even a more specialised structure. Each structure has its advantages and disadvantages, and what may be best can change as your business develops.

Join business coach, Phil Starr, as he discusses some of the options open to you. The session will look at:

  • The main types of company structure
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Your legal responsibilities
  • Taxation and Finance
  • Social enterprises
  • What to consider if making a change

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Date: 29th June 2022.

Location: Online Event

Cost: FREE

Time: 11:00 - 12:00