Recruitment support

Recruitment support

Recruitment support

Team Bolton Partnership 

The Team Bolton Partnership is a group of organisations working together to make sure all Bolton residents have access to up to date training, skills and employment opportunities which is essential to Bolton's Economic Strategy and Vision 2030.  For those looking for work or to upskill have a look at our range of local and national partners who can support you to find work, gain new skills, find an apprenticeship or try out work experience opportunities.  For more information contact  or telephone 01204 336222.

Are you recruiting?

Employers can benefit too as Team Bolton provides advice and guidance on recruitment, employment and skills programmes that could meet your business needs.

• Pre-employment recruitment; matching candidates to your job profile for any full time, part time or apprenticeship roles, use of rooms to conduct interviews and pre-employment and skills training.

• Co-ordination of apprenticeships internships, work experience and volunteering 

• Support for inward investment                                   
• Support for new start-ups, enterprise, growth and expansion

• Advice and guidance on the latest training and skills offers.

We can work alongside your existing recruitment methods to ensure that you get the best people applying.