Well-Being in the Workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace

A fully funded programme has launched in Bolton to provide you with the tools and knowledge to tackle the expected pandemic of mental ill health.

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See below why mental health is important in the workplace. 

The unseen pandemic affecting businesses

It is predicted that a global tsunami of mental ill health will follow the physical pandemic. In fact, many say they are already seeing this in their businesses.

Even pre-Covid poor well-being and mental ill health was costing businesses up to £45 billion every year according to Deloitte (Refreshing for the business case for investment, January 2020).

Alarmingly, mental health problems were 74% higher in the North of England than in the South. In a report, the NHSA estimated reductions in mental wellbeing in the North due to the pandemic will cost the UK economy £5 billion each year in reduced productivity. It also suggests that the economic divide between the North and South could be bigger than we first thought and has widened during the coronavirus pandemic.

The report comments that the North of England’s economy, as well as mental and financial wellbeing, has been hit harder than the rest of the country during the Covid-19 pandemic with inequalities between the North and the rest of the country exacerbated. In addition, austerity disproportionately affected the Northern Powerhouse, particularly areas of high deprivation which led to reduced productivity.

Business recovery

The North is well placed to be a world leader in mental health innovation, developing solutions and testing these at scale. Along with a grant from the UK Government’s Mental Health Recovery Action Plan to Bolton Council, businesses are determined to support the mental, physical and economic recovery of employees and employers in Bolton.

With 1 in 4 UK residents experiencing a mental health issue, it is highly likely that at least 1 person in your workforce is suffering and you may not even realise it. There are proven links between workplace wellbeing and productivity levels, so raising a happy, healthy and resilient workforce will have a positive effect on your business. Nurturing employee wellbeing is even more important during these uncertain times to help you retain, engage with and motivate your team, and create a bright future for your business.

17.9 million working days were lost in the 2019-2020 work year due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety, and those numbers are rising. Without its people a business cannot function, so investing time and energy into the wellbeing of your team is of the utmost importance.

The  fully funded programme about to launch in Bolton will provide you with the tools and knowledge to tackle the expected pandemic of mental ill health and equip your business and employees for the tough times ahead.

Resources will cover resources for both employees to protect and look after their own wellbeing, live and recorded workshops. It will include a multitude of resources to increase capability of employers to look after their workforce such as how to develop a wellbeing strategy, new methods of communicating and engaging employees and a range of support services for employees and business leaders.


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Published: 12th April 2022