KiN Summer Workshop Series - Bolton


KiN are collaborating with the University of Bolton to provide a summer series of workshops in Bolton that are free to attend.

These eight workshops cover a ‘Basics +’ approach especially applicable to early-stage businesses.  The workshops form a foundation of everyday skills that will provide a platform for business owners to go on to bigger and better things.

Our workshops are structured to be fun, practical and engaging, delivered in plain English and designed to include both neurotypical and neuroatypical people on their own terms.

Due to the reflective nature of the workshops, each participant will work directly on their own business in real-time, with ample time for questions and one-to-one support during the session.

Each workshop is 2 hours and booking is available on Eventbrite via the hyperlinks below


For further information contact  (places are very limited for all of the workshops)


Workshop Schedule

Know Your Perfect Customer – 9th June         

In order to get your customers to pay attention to you and your messages, you need to know exactly who they are and what they want.

Let us help you get super clear on who is your perfect customer so that you can find them, win them over and keep them more easily.


Get Your Offer Right – 16th June                     

Here is how you can increase your sales...the easy way.

Want to know a fact that will save you time and money?

Customers only ever buy what they already know they want.

To make your business a success you have to know what your customers would LOVE to buy from you…so you can offer them exactly what they want.

This session will help you make sure that you can tell your potential superfans all about how what you do is going to change their lives.


How To Be Confident – 23rd June                    

Feeling confident in what we do, can make a massive difference in the results we get - this workshop will help you do that.

What you might not know is that…confidence is a skill.


…that we can learn any skill, once we know how and have built a simple practice.

This workshop will show you the key things you need to do on a daily basis so you feel more confident in both your personal AND your business life.


Getting Your First 5 Customers – 30th June   

Picture the first 5 sales in your new business. Imagine your newly made money sliding into your bank account… 

How does that feel?

Amazing right!

Let us show you how to generate 5 new sales immediately– we have helped over 1000 businesses just like yours to do exactly the same thing.

Our 2-hour session will help you laser focus on who your ideal customer is and get them to buy what you are selling


Entrepreneurial Mindset – 14th July                 

Great entrepreneurs are made not born.

It is easy to admire famous entrepreneurs, we are surrounded by stories of their successes and their market-defining brilliant ideas.

It is also easy to think that there is something special about them.

We have some great news!

What makes them special, can make you special too.

..their mindset.

We can teach you the same entrepreneurial mindset that will help you see new opportunities, create new products and processes and have the confidence to see them through.


How To Network (for fun and profit) – 21st July  

Networking can be a powerful way of growing your business


A professional networking event is a great opportunity to develop relationships that can build your business, show your credibility and last a lifetime.


We will be sharing our 'Networking Blueprint' and our workshop will show you simple, easy-to-use, science-backed techniques to help you build more effective business relationships and LOVE every second of it


Creating killer Content – 28th July                    

You are creating content the hard way… I can guarantee that.


There are some incredibly simple fixes that you can use to always know what to write, produce double your content in half the time and get significantly better results.


This workshop will show you techniques used by big agencies that you can use in your small business


Selling Without The Ick – 4th August               

Many business owners struggle with sales and the process of selling, especially in the first few years of trading, because it makes them feel uncomfortable or they fear getting the dreaded ‘NO’

This workshop will show you simple repeatable techniques that will build your confidence and make you money…guaranteed!

Published: 24th May 2023