Leading the transition to renewable energy


The Renewable Energy Independence Programme (REIP for short) is providing local businesses, organisations, local authorities with FREE no cost sustainability support

This is a Game Changer because it will help eligible SME’s and organisations to:

  • Become A More Profitable Business
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Dramatically Reduce & Future Proof Electricity Costs
  • Enhance Social CSR and Social Values Proposition
  • Make Positive Environmental Impact
  • Demonstrate Green Credentials & Attract More Customers
  • Accelerate Net Zero Targets

Through the Green Fund. and 100% Renewable Energy Generation Partners (Wind/Solar/Anaerobic Digestion/Hydro) . They offer three No Cost solutions for eligible businesses:

  1. Fully Funded (FREE) Business Solar Installations (PPA)
  2. Switch to 100% Renewable Energy (with transparent Green Certification)
  3. Free Bill Analysis – To Identify & Reclaim Any Potential Over-Charges

The friendly and experienced REIP team have decades of experience and are specialist in their field. As you can imagine, this FREE business sustainability support is in big demand and is being offered on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to take advantage of the opportunity (or know any business that may be interested) they would like to match diaries and arrange for one of their directors to call you back, arrange an online meeting or plan a site visit to explain further – and answer questions.

Contact Details:  graham@rec.limited  www.rec.limited  M: 07870 222771

Published: 29th November 2023