Transform your business and secure your future with The Centre for Sustainable Innovation 


The Centre for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) is a catalyst for collaboration between academia, industry, and policymakers aiming to bolster their innovation journey.

Their focus and collaborative approach empowers businesses to overcome new and existing challenges facing them in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

What are the benefits of working with the CSI?

  • Tailored solutions to boost business growth 
  • Proven methods for successful organisational change
  • Innovative digital solutions for modernising businesses 
  • Expert advice on sustainable practices 
  • Strategies to achieve carbon neutrality 
  • Partnerships that amplify opportunities 
  • Access to world leading facilities

Check out their programme offerings bellow to see how they can help you and your business reach new heights with their  wide range of funded and partially funded courses and workshops that are tailored for businesses.

Transform your business, secure your future

  • Change Management: Cultivating growth and nurturing change, society driven solutions to strengthen your business 
  • Digital Transformation: Partnership that foster transformation, work with an expert in digital transformation and solutions 
  • Sustainability:  Innovate and thrive, access suitable solutions that will future proof your business. 


  • Know Digital
  • Innovation Labs
  • Help to Grow Management Labs 

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Published: 29th May 2024