Unleash innovation with dedicated support


Innovation isn’t just relevant to your business, it’s essential. Whatever their size or industry, businesses that embrace innovation grow at around twice the rate of those that don’t.

Do you have a great idea, but lack the knowledge, finance or connections to drive it forward? Perhaps you’re looking to transform the way you work via digital, and need a greater understanding of how to adopt and use the technology? Or want to launch green products, improve the eco performance of your existing offer, and reach new markets?

Our mission is to support your business to overcome the challenges, think differently, and find a clear pathway to new commercial opportunities. We’ll help you establish what innovation could mean for your business, discover the art of the possible, and make often simple changes that add value. We’ll work with you to explore new ideas and connect you with the right people to help you on your journey.

With teams of innovation specialists – including digital, health and green innovation – who quickly get to grips with what you want to achieve, we’ll drive your project forward quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Whatever your business, we’re here for you.


  • Develop new or improved products or services

  • Identify new markets

  • Adopt new processes or technologies

  • Tap into leading knowledge, facilities and equipment

  • Turn ideas and opportunities into sales

  • Access research and development grant funding

  • Reach finance and investment providers

  • Over 2,000 businesses supported

  • More then 200 R&D collaborations with leading research and technology organisations

  • £2m innovation grant funding

  • 250+ new products and services created

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Published: 30th May 2024